The current share structure is as follows:

  • Authorized:    500,000,000
  • Outstanding: 92,943,470
  • Float: 69,295, 918

Regarding any current dilution, while there is a small amount of strategic shareholder debt still on the books, any remaining debt is currently planned to be converted into the preferred class of shares upon the completion of the upcoming acquisitions.  This debt is NOT currently being converted into the outstanding share count at the present time.  

The Company has been funded to date by CEO Steve Helm (refer to insider purchases) and it has not accepted any offers for convertible debt, or discounted private placements. In fact, it is planning to work exclusively with a full service investment bank which it will introduce in subsequent announcements to handle all private placement and secondary offering activities.

Furthermore, acquisitions are being proposed using preferred stock, which will help keep the common shares outstanding and subsequently the market cap at attractive rates as the business begins to build its M&A and revenues.