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Turner Venture Group,  Inc. (OTC: TVOG) was incorporated under the laws of Nevada on April 21, 1999 as NetParts.com. The Company was originally organized to create a series of 16 specialized auto salvage yards whereby the salvageable components would be inventoried on a computer and listed on the internet. The Company, however, changed their operations and its name on July 24, 2003 to Turner Valley Oil & Gas Corporation. On July 1st, 2016 TVOG changed it’s name again to Turner Venture Group, Inc. and the company’s ticker symbol will remain TVOG.

TVOG is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is structure as a holding company. The company has a recent history in the oil & gas sector, however Turner Venture Group is currently focused on acquiring U.S based businesses with strong margins and growth potential, short Return On Investment (ROI) periods and a high Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

With a proven management team and tremendous access to off-market deal flow, Turner Venture Group has many potential M & A opportunities. TVOG is poised for tremendous growth and consequently, large public company multiples and increasing valuation for our investors.

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