Development Timeline

List of Turner’s Key Accomplishments to Date

Key Accomplishment


Date Completed

Completed Nevada State Filings  ✅ Turner can be publically traded, first step to OTC Markets Uplist 12/12/2015
Uplisted to OTC Markets and Become Pink Current   ✅ Increased exposure, credibility, and  investor interest 3/4/2016
Initiated Name Change to Turner Venture Group   ✅ Provided insight to investors on the company’s focus and direction 6/5/2016
Debt Retirement ✅ Increased profitability, improved balance sheet, and simplified future acquisition financing 10/5/2016
Began Filing 8-ks for Relevant Company Events ✅ Provided business process legitimacy for individual investors and institutional investor confidence 1/25/2017
Engaged Independent Auditor ✅ Completes the first step towards full compliance 2/15/2017
First Acquisition Initiated  ✅ Bitumen company acquired  initiated the Turner strategic direction into the infrastructure sector 3/15/2017
Investment Bank Engaged  with Capital Placement Agreement Entered ✅ Established Investment Bank to back acquisitions 4/20/2017
Escrow Account Established ✅ Allowed for the Private Placement with Continental Stock & Transfer 5/12/2017
Credentialized CFO Hired ✅ Leads company in compliance and provides guidance regarding strategic direction 5/23/2017
Update Shipping Co. Guidance  ✅ Indicates Turner’s acquisition and growth strategy progression and direction 8/7/2017
Expanded Acquisition Plan  ✅ Will show Company growth and development as the Company’s acquisition plan takes hold 8/10/2017

Next Steps


Potential Impact

Form 10K Filing Indicates audit completion and final requirement completion for uplisting  to OTCQB
Appoint Company Officers Company team additions will guide the company as it grows into a fully operating venture
Appointment Of Industry Experts As Board Of Directors Will assist the company with expertise in infrastructure and all aspects of Company vested interests
Form 10 Completion will allow for OTCQB Uplisting
OTCQB Uplist OTCQB is a higher and more respected exchange, driving more interest and opportunities to attract investors
Preferred Offering Closing Allows for shipping growth, expansion, and other acquisitions
Initial Acquisition Completion Acquired company becomes fully operational and operations can be optimized, significantly increasing EBITA
Shipping Company Fleet Expansion Utilizes Investment banking financing to increase revenues and bottom line through asset acquisition
Additional Acquisitions Provides shareholder value through acquisition of strategic partners and aggressive growth companies
NASDAQ Uplist Being traded on one of the most respected and well known exchanges enhances credibility for individual and institutional investors

    *This listing may or may not be representative of the order items on this list are accomplished