TVOG Q&A for Investors

What Infrastructure Assets is Turner Planning to Acquire?

Due to the expected $1 Trillion infrastructure spending bill being proposed by President Trump, Turner is targeting a variety of assets in its initial acquisition and build up initiative.  Bitumen tankers and ships, along with the purchasing/leasing of import/export...

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What is the company’s strategy moving forward when it comes to acquiring companies? Do they plan on being a holding company targeting one specific market or a company that acquires companies in many different industries?

Turner has structured itself to become a venture holding company that invests in and supports development of companies.  As companies are brought in, some will be kept as 100% assets for the company to use as building blocks for its core acquisition strategy, and...

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There have been a series of target deals introduced previously about acquiring companies. Based on these updates it seemed that the first major acquisition would have happened last fall at the latest based on previous company updates. What happened?

The first part of Turner’s process to expand from energy exploration to a holding company was to evaluate a number of potential businesses that may be a quality acquisition or investment by Turner. Due to this process and ultimately pivoting in acquisition strategy,...

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